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Dr. Habib Levi wrote many books and several hundred articles during his long and fruitful years of cultural activities. Two of the most important works in Persian are presented in this website, together with the English translation of The Jews of Iran and the Hebrew translation of Memoires. You can read any of the chapters of the English translation by double-clicking on each tittle, or having the full book by clicking on the book’s picture. The Jews of Iran Acknowledgements and introduction.

The Jews of Iran

Part one: Introduction (1300-550 B.C.E.)
Part Two: The Achaemenids (eeo-330 B.C.E.)
Part Three: Seleucids and Parthians (330 B.C.E -226 C.E.)
Part Four: The Sasanians (226-642 C.E)
Part Five: Advent of Islam and Rule of the Caliphs (642-847 C.E)
Part Six: Tahirids, Saffarids, Samanids, Daylamites And Ghaznavids (847-1038 C.E)
Part Seven: Seljuqs, Mongols, And Timurids (1038-1502 C.E)
Part Eight: The Safavids (1502-1722 C.E)
Part Nine: Afsharids and Zands (1772-1794 C.E.)
Part Ten: The Qajars- From Muhammad Khan to Muzarffar al-Din Shah (1794-1907 C.E.)
Part Eleven: Constitutionalist Revolution and the Pahlavi Dynasty (1907-1979 C.E.)